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advantages of 76 telecom

100% Guaranteed speed and high quality of services and technical support

Symmetrical bandwidth

Links starting on 2 Mbps up to 10Gbps

Speed increase to predefined demand periods such as shows and special events

Specialized technical support 24x7x365

SLA of 4 hours

76 Telecom is a Brazillian carrier, fully Anatel certified, wich offers Voice and Data Services, providing coverage using our hybrid network of Optical Fiber and Microwave

Headquartered in Sao Paulo, 76 Telecom has its DC and NOC in Mogi das Cruzes, 45 km from down town Sao Paulo, its own infrastructure in several states in the country

It is also interconnected to the major Carries in Brazil as well Peer with all large content players and all PTTs and exchange points in Sao Paulo.

76 Telecom has direct access by high capacity optical fiber to all major Datacenters in Sao Paulo and Rio.

Currently 76 Telecom has Strong growth plan, seeking to expand the provision of its services and increasingly consolidating in ther market


We provide high quality, effective and economical solutions for voice, data
and iterconnections and other related services. 76 Telecom strives to use
only high-end network equipmen and highly qualified engineers.


We are ready to provide high quality connectivity for ISP's, Telco and Corporations, ensuring high availability and dedicated service. Using of own Fiber Optic Network (more than 1000KM or 621 miles) and combining with our Radio microwaves network (more than 600km or 372 miles), we cover most of the city of Sao Paulo and interior. Together with "76 Telecom Platinum Partners Program" we cover most of the Brazillian territory with more than 16.000 km or 9941 miles of optical fiber Network.




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